Workpackage 3: Adaptation of read-out platform to multiplexed format.

    The main objective of this WP is to adapt the optical read-out platform to the specifications defined in WP2. Specific objectives:

    ·       Adaptation of a highly sensitive read-out system for multiplexed quantitative label-free measurements, including: the optical system, the hardware and software for data processing, data transmission and, finally, the device housing.

    ·       Construction and validation of the adapted prototypes.

    ·       Adaptation of the user interface to visualize the collected information. Development of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and a proper Laboratory Information System (LIS).

    Current BIOD PoC device is capable of measure three biomarkers in a single bio-kit, and it is being used for other applications. This WP focuses on the adaptation of the BIOD Point-of-Care (PoC) device based on an optical read out platform, compatible with the technology already developed by BIOD, allowing multi-allergen detection with high sensitivity and quantitative results. Also, management of the communications to and from the PoC device will be considered. In this way, an information technology (IT) system will be designed and implanted as a key factor for data collection, firmware update and monitoring of the prototypes in real time. Well known, secured and reliable technologies will be used to deploy this system. Finally, data collected from bioassays will be managed and stored by using a Laboratory Information System (LIS), following the standards used in Health Care administrations. LIS design and implementation will be performed in the frame of this project.


    BIOD read-out platform

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