The main objective of this proposal is translating an optical diagnostic technology already proven (AllerScreening) to the clinical routine, addressing a priority healthcare unmet need from the laboratory to the clinic.. This new and innovative cost-effective sensing system for the in vitro component diagnosis of food allergies will be feasible thanks to the multiplexed disposable BioKits and the optical Pont-of-Care (PoC) reader in which the novel AllerScreening platform is based on, allowing the adoption of a novel PoC diagnostic device specific for food allergies.


    Scheme of idea of Allerscreening system. A) Point of care platform: optical reader. B) Disposable biokit: surface with multiple wells (BICELLs) for sample analysis. C) Detail of bicells, functionalized with different allergens. D) Application of drop of sample to the biokit. E) Detection of specific biomarkers in each bicell.




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